Where Did Maple Valley Insurance Group Come From?


The year was 2002… two licensed insurance agents working with a large Life and Health Insurance Agency in Michigan decided to make a change for the better.  First, there was Kenneth Craig, a 30+ year veteran life and health insurance agent.  The other, Michael Flajole, the “young whippersnapper” as Mr. Craig liked to say.

They were a couple of mavericks…at least some might think.  Why?  They left the “big box” sales agency that put sales quotas in front of a “client centered” business model.  As a high volume agency and very well established, the former “big box” agency carried some clout.

However, the two mavericks just could not agree with the sales methods taught in that office.  It was a conflict of ethics that led to a big change.  A new start, but a change for the better.

​By combining their diversified skills, knowledge and experience, the two formed C & F Associates, a licensed, independent insurance agency.  The focus was to offer customer centered products and services that met each client’s particular needs, not the “big box” sales office approach or the production interests of any particular insurance company.  Being truly independent meant that they could always offer their clients unhindered loyalty and top notch products and service to go with it.

Kenneth and Michael have firmly believed that people come first and that in doing what is best for the client would ultimately lead to a successful business.  Kenneth always said…”If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all.” He was also famous for saying  “If we can’t help you, we sure aren’t going to hurt you.”

“Ken” was committed to that coined phrase his entire career and it continues to be a motto we do business by today even as many consumers have moved towards buying insurance products online and over the phone.

C & F Associates represent the last names of the founders.

Why am I telling your this?  Well, my name is Mike Flajole.

I am the remaining founder and president of this company.  I am also proud to be a caring father of 2 loving children I’m very blessed to have.

Online, you know us as Maple Valley Insurance Group.

When you work with us, we want you to feel confident and relaxed.  Our seasoned approach to healthcare and life insurance benefits for coverage is unsurpassed. We are the solution to your insurance education needs as a senior and confident in this belief.

Maple Valley Insurance Group offers you products from dozens of the top rated life and health insurance carriers.  We can and do shop the market for you.

Our specialization is in Medicare Supplements, Final Expense coverage, Senior Dental, Vision and Hearing Coverage as well as Life Insurance.

Working with many high risk health conditions even considered uninsurable by less capable agents or offices, we routinely help those who were overcharged or declined elsewhere.

Our values and convictions at Maple Valley Insurance Group remain focused on ensuring your needs are met with the highest standards and at the best possible price.  We have made countless house calls long before the internet became part of the insurance business.  No, we have not always been just a “dot com” on the internet.  To this day, we still do personal appointments in our local area for those who want the more traditional “in person, face to face” engagement.

We understand that for some, it is important to put a name with a face.  At Maple Valley Insurance Group, we respect your time.  We have a couple alternatives for face to face consultation especially if you are out of our local service area.  We offer an online appointment…a Google Hangouts or a Skype Video Conversation can be scheduled.  We also offer a “screen share” feature which requires only requires that you have access to a computer on your end.  Our technology allow us to share out computer screens right on your own computer.  Options for you to consider especially if “face to face” contact is important to you on more flexible terms.  Complete transparency brought to you at your leisure.

Everyone has different needs, comfort levels and schedules so we try to accommodate you as best we can.  After hours and weekends can be arranged as well.  Whichever works best for you, we do our best to make it happen…painlessly.  Some email contact initially is fine,  and we will do our best to answer questions however, there will be limitations to that form of communication.

Kenneth Craig passed away a several years ago now, but his voice, leadership, ethics and concern in helping seniors with their life and health insurance lives on with me.  My vision for Maple Valley Insurance Group was cemented a long time ago.  It was formed to treat people the way I expect to be treated as a valued insurance client.  It continues to honor Kenneth Craig for all he stood for and was passionate about.

All of this has now been brought to you over the internet and phone and not just our local community any longer.

Yes, our business has gotten more technological in nature.

With that said, being a good, professional agency has not been forgotten and is still the most vital element in helping people everyday.  I am thankful to have had such a great mentor, friend and “co-owner” to teach me extensively about the industry.

The “echo” of our past is what motivates this company to deliver the best in both products and service today.  It is also the promise I made to my mentor… to carry the torch forward with the ethics we both have strongly believed in.  Whether it is in person, over the internet or the phone, we are all about integrity, peace of mind and no compromise when it comes to our clientele.  Remember, we are here to help you.  Senior Savings and Security…That is Maple Valley Insurance Group.

As an independent agency, we are an educated and seasoned company that puts your interests first, not the insurers.  We are here before and after any coverage you purchase from us.

Thank you for considering our company and I hope you will allow us to provide the right insurance coverage specific to your needs.


Michael J. Flajole Jr.