Directions For Getting Instant Life Insurance Quotes

Use the “No Exam” tool for no physical exam, whole life insurance designed for lifetime protection. You cannot outlive this coverage. The premiums are locked for life and the benefits never go down.  Compare your health to your peers and adjust “Health Class” accordingly.  You do not have to be in optimal health to qualify for this coverage. 

The 2nd instant tool on this page defaults to quote rates for term life insurance.  For those individuals looking for a Guaranteed Universal Life comparison, use the same tool, however change the “Type of Insurance” to “Lifetime” in the drop down menu.  This will lock in permanent, GUL coverage up to age 121.  Adjust your health based on the people near your peer age group.  If you have less than perfect health adjust this under “Health Class.” Select “Standard.” Completing the second tool will automatically shop all the top companies for Term Life Insurance or Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance and display on it your screen.  Quality, level premium term insurance is harder to qualify for than whole life insurance.  If you have very rocky health and need term life insurance, please call to discuss your personal situation so we can make an appropriate recommendation.

If you so choose, you may start the application process online 24 hrs/7 days a week for a life insurance policy.  Be sure to check your email to proceed with the formal application process.  We have taken all the hassle out of applying for coverage