Quotes for Seniors Life Insurance Over 80 Are Plentiful In This Tool.

Enter your info. Under “Health Classification” please use “Excellent” unless you know your health is “not good” for your age. These insurance companies have designed products for the typical health of a senior.

If you have had a very recent hospital stay and were diagnosed with something major such as a heart attack, stroke, etc., please give us a call so we can advise you which insurance company and plan will give you the best offer.

Here is all of our contact information for assistance.

All of these companies have different underwriting methods. Roughly 85% of our senior clientele qualify for level benefit whole life insurance. This is the best offer and pricing available for seniors over 80. This pricing is found under “Excellent” in the dropdown menu.

Regardless of the company or plan in this tool, there is no medical exam required.

Free, no obligation consultation. Give us a call to discuss what your goals are. 269-244-3420