If you are a Senior on Medicare, you have probably discovered that Dental, Vision and Hearing coverage is almost nonexistent.  Fact is, unless you opted for a Medicare Advantage plan (this is not Medicare by the way) you will not have any assistance in covering standard care for these common expenses each year.

Between expenses for a dental cleaning, fillings, a crown, vision care this could add up to thousands of dollars…in just one year.  While it isn’t likely that all of this would occur, this type of care can be quite expensive year in and year out.

As we age, we often experience rapid degeneration in these 3 key areas whether it is dental related, hearing related or a vision issue that just seems to worsen.  Most seniors don’t need to be reminded of this, they have already experienced it.

An effective solution is a traditional insurance policy to complement your Medicare healthcare benefits.

No, I’m not talking about a Medigap policy which will cover anything that Medicare does not pay for.

This is not a Medicare Advantage PPO or HMO program either.

I am specifically suggesting, a combination policy that covers all 3 and allows you to use some or all of the benefits for either, dental, vision or hearing.  Senior dental, vision and hearing insurance gives you the coverage benefits year in and year out to use whether you need new glasses, a dental exam, cleaning and fillings or even a hearing aid.  The policy benefits can be spread out over one, two or all 3 areas.

With traditional coverage, you can go to any provider.  You chose who you would like to see.  No referrals required.  What could be easier? This is insurance designed for seniors and is very affordable to plug those major holes in Medicare.

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