Globe Life Insurance Review – The Need to Know Truth

Reading some reviews on Globe Life? Maybe you saw one their ads and know you need life insurance? Are you wondering if Globe Life is really legitimate or not? Globe Life Insurance reviews are certainly helpful and we’ve got some real feedback to share with you here.

Now, before I get into our Globe Life Insurance review, I will put out a “disclaimer.” We do not have a business relationship with the Globe Life & Accident Company nor are we a competing life insurance company.  Actually, we are an independent life insurance agency that has access to the top life insurance companies in the industry.  We have the knowledge, credentials and experience to sort thru and fairly compare life insurance companies and their products.

It is important to understand that it is not the insurance company name that makes a policy “good” or not but rather the specifics written within the life insurance policy itself. Some of the finest policies are found with insurance companies most consumers are unfamiliar with. They are not marketed directly to consumers online or mail like Globe Life.

While there are many Globe Life and Accident insurance reviews out there, you can be assured that we have a strong base to assess the Globe product offerings versus the competition. 

This posting is simply our review of Globe Life Insurance.

Yes, we have a certain bias that should be disclosed as well.  Globe Life promotes their life insurance by suggesting you don’t have to deal with an agent.  It suggests that somehow this is in your best interest.  The concept is entertaining but it sure doesn’t save you money and takes away the professional advisor who will filter out subpar policies and suggest options that will truly meet your needs.

It is our recommendation that you use our instant life insurance quote tool to quickly see what Globe doesn’t want you to really know. These are the top life insurance products on the market including some you have probably never heard of. In less than a minute you will quickly see why this is very important to this review.

With that said…

Here comes the breakdown on the Globe Life Insurance Company and life insurance products. 

Profile of the Globe Life and Accident Company

Founded in 1951 with corporate headquarters in McKinney, Texas, Globe Life is a well established, household type name.  Globe Life Insurance Company is owned by the Torchmark Corporation and operated as a subsidiary.  Torchmark actually owns multiple different insurance companies.

Globe has an excellent financial rating of an A+ from AM Best, the most recognized name in insurer ratings in the industry.  What this means is, Globe Life has plenty of cash in their coffers to pay out any legitimate claims to the life insurance policies they issue.  You should not be concerned whether Globe has the money to pay its legitimate claims. A.M Best states this carrier has excellent resources to do so.

The Truth Behind Globe Life Insurance Products

If you investigate Globe Life on the web, you will quickly see that they aggressively market in 2 life insurance products.  The first of those is a simplified issue term life insurance policy.  The second is a simplified issue final expense (similar to burial insurance), whole life insurance policy.

Many, many people receive a regular advertisement card in the mail from the company for these 2 products. They are both unremarkable, meaning they are just common forms of life insurance.

Our intent of these reviews is to layout the facts why we may or may not recommend a particular company and/or it product(s).

Make sure you check into alternate carriers before you make any decision to purchase life insurance coverage with Globe Life or any other carrier. We think you will be surprised what they do not want to to know. If you have not already used the instant quoting tool on this page for starters…take a look and see what the competition is charging for someone your age. Next, read your Globe Ad very carefully. Note the terminology “As Low As.” Most people are pretty shocked when they find out the price for Globe Life insurance protection.

Don’t make the mistake of not consulting with a independent agent or broker to help you pick the correct policy for your family needs. No, I’m not referring to the auto or homeowners agent on the corner. You want a full time, independent professional. Life insurance is a very serious purchase.  Making the right decision from the beginning is the goal. Too many people have had surprises thinking they had a good, reliable policy for a low price and the later found out the hard way when the price kept going up in price. Worse yet, the policy beneficiary ends up with nothing at the time of need because the policy expired in a drawer.

Does this happen a lot? Absolutely.

What does a good professional do for you?

A good independent agent/broker is often the difference between getting good, affordable coverage or a inappropriate policy that may not get the job done right for your loved ones. Your agent/broker is there to assist you and even your family when filing a claim for policy benefits

Manipulative Marketing or Advertisements

You are looking into Globe Life Insurance reviews for good reason.

Just a little advance notice…I’m bringing the heat here!!

Many life insurance consumers have seen the Globe Life ad stating $1* buys $50,000 or even $100,000 of coverage for adults and children.  That includes me…I’m typically bombarded thru the mail.

Seems like a great deal doesn’t it?

You might even think about “clicking” on the “great deal.”

Whoa!!  Let’s stop here and look at what I just stated regarding the advertisement.

The * is the key here. 

Sure looks like an attempt to confuse a trusting consumer on what this Globe Life policy costs to own year in and year out. 

It also appears that they may count on consumers being naive when it comes to life insurance.  The initial $1 payment is alluring and many people assume it is a real good deal.

Let’s take a closer look at this offer.  While your first payment is only one dollar, the real premiums are yet to come. 


Those premiums are much higher than one dollar!!

In fact, Globe Life Insurance rates are much more expensive than many of the top notch life insurance companies out there. 

No one I ever talk to will bother electing a Globe Life product once they realize the better options available to them.  This even includes those who already had a Globe Life policy, cancelled and replaced it with a more affordable one thru Maple Valley Insurance Group. 

They’re simply better products and rates out there, period.

Many consumers do not realize how life insurance companies really profit. 

You see, life insurance companies are betting on a great percentage of people keeping their policy for a just a portion of the coverage period and cancelling prematurely.  

At that point, they get to keep your premiums and you no longer have any coverage. 

So, a consumer just got drawn in by a teaser offer of $1 and then pays a higher than normal rate for coverage after that, and simply cancels down the road because of the cost of insurance. 

Most consumers just get tired of the ever increasing premiums or simply cannot afford the rate increase. 

Heck, they had bought the life insurance for $1!! 

Who do you think won that game? 

The former policy owner or Globe Life?  After all, they didn’t have to pay out on the policy.

State level insurance regulators at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners have reported data indicating that Globe Life has regularly had complaints filed against it above the median level for an insurance company of its size. Life insurance consumers can use this data from the state insurance departments to decide if Globe Life is a good company or not.

Many complaints or not, they are a legitimate insurance company though the number of complaints does raise real concern from our perspective.

Don’t put yourself in that position of having to file a complaint with your state insurance department. Get a life insurance expert involved to help you obtain a very good policy from a top notch insurance company.

We find most folks who end up replacing their Globe Life policy are happy about the money that they save and/or the additional coverage they got for the same amount of premium. 

We are just able to obtain guaranteed level rates for individuals for much less.

How? We with all the top life insurance companies in the business. 

No “slippery” techniques used in the advertisment to fool trusting folk who just want a dependable and affordable life insurance policy to protect their family.

As you look at Globe Life Insurance rates, understand the small print of the policy you are considering. Find out what the monthly pricing of the top life insurance companies are versus the Globe Life & Accident offerings are.

Globe Life Policy Breakdown

Stated earlier, Globe Life Inc. markets 2 different life insurance products.  They are pushed out in aggressive fashion thru the mail and online ads particularly on Google.

FYI, when a life insurance product is marketed directly to a consumer without a trained and licensed professional to interpret the product you should be leary. Why? Because you aren’t hearing about the competition and what they have to offer you. Globe is not going to tell you to call an independent agency like Maple Valley Insurance Group. They don’t want your life insurance needs shopped out to many different life insurance companies!

Top life insurance products are channeled thru independent agents and brokers. They are not sold thru the mail or on TV as a general rule.

Globe Life Term Life Insurance

The first product in this Globe Life insurance review is an increasing premium, term insurance offering. The rates will be going up over time. This is not a level premium policy.

Term life insurance is popular these days, but it really should only be used to cover a defined period of time. Why, because term life insurance is temporary insurance.

Have you already got your free instant comparison of level term life insurance policies on the market?

This Globe policy expires at age 90 which will cover the vast majority of people in 2024. This is one of the highest age limits a term policy will cover. On your 90th bday, the policy expires.

Term insurance is pure life insurance protection. There is no cash value and if you die after the end of the term, your policy is expired.

The key is, term life insurance rates always expires at a predetermined time.  If you know a defined point in time when you will no longer need life insurance, term can be a good solution. However, rates are not locked with Globe’s term life insurance. It increases in preset age bands. Rates go up automatically if you wish to keep the policy.

Due to the price of 2 policies Globe offers, consumers are typically attracted to the term life policy.  It may sound cheap, but is it really?

Here is a breakdown of the Globe Life Term Life Insurance Policy, the pertinent facts you absolutely need to know.

  1. Smokers and Non Smokers pay the same cost.  As a Non Smoker you have to pay the same as someone that does smoke.  Smoking alone typically doubles the cost of term insurance.
  2. Your premiums will increase every birthday that end in a 1 or a 6. For example 41, 46, 51, 56 and so on.
  3. You must answer the medical questions to apply, but no medical exam is required.  You must pass the health question interview to qualify for coverage.  This is not guaranteed issue life insurance coverage.  If you are relatively healthy, you are better of with a level premium term life policy which will offer much better rates in exchange for answering a few more questions and/or having a free paramedical exam in your home if the particular insurer requires it.
  4. The Globe term policy expires at age 90.  There is no return of premiums in this policy nor any cash value accumulation.

Globe Life Whole Life Insurance Plan

If you are currently age 50-80 and planning for end of life expenses, the Globe Life whole life policy is the only dependable solution they offer.

Globe whole life insurance is their 2nd life insurance product. Like the term insurance, it is also designed for simplified issue.  In other words, easier to qualify for and no medical exam.  Life insurance of this nature is typically designed for people 50-85 who may also have “rocky” health. With a whole life policy, most consumers are planning for the inevitable loss of life. Whole life is always a lifelong policy.

A simplified issue whole life policy features quick application, a smaller panel of health questions and no medical exam. In many cases, this aids a senior in being approved for a whole life policy a better price than they may have been under full medical underwriting. 

Coverage amounts between $5,000 and up to $50,000 have been available based on the health questions on the application. Sometimes this type of whole life insurance is referred to as Final Expense or Burial Insurance.

With a level benefit, whole life insurance policy,  you are guaranteed a lifetime of coverage for the face amount (death benefit) of the policy as well as a premium that will remain the same regardless of age or a change in health.  There is also a cash value accumulation feature built into a whole life policy.

Is there anything special about Globe Life’s whole life policy?


These policies are a dime a dozen folks.  Many highly rated life insurers offer policies like this and are much more affordable.  Use out our free, final expense quoting tool right here on this page and/or learn more about no exam, whole life insurance. Select “excellent health” to ensure you see both the lowest price policies and top of the line coverage.

Are Globe Life Insurance Rates Level for the Life of the Policy?

One of the most common reasons people engage us is in regards to Globe Life’s life insurance rates.

Large numbers of consumers seem to be led to believe that premium rates are guaranteed level.

That does not seem to be the case. 

From their website “The Premium Schedule You Establish Today will not change for any reason” does not mean guaranteed level premiums.  What it means is, as of the purchase date of this policy, you will be paying a variable amount over the coverage period, according to the current payment schedule you may or may not understand. 

Of course, one should always verify how much coverage is going to cost them over the years, but such a statement can easily be misconstrued to mean a locked in, level premium based on buying today.

Ladies and gentleman, this plan gets very, very expensive by age 75 or so. Lots of people drop it at this critical point of their lives because it becomes unaffordable and often those living on a fixed income.

Yet, it was only $1 to start!

Now, their health has declined with age and no life insurance in place. This may present a big problem for their family in the process.

The Globe Life life insurance policies…

When compared to the top life insurers in the business, are misleading.  Globe should clearly identify to consumers that the policy is NOT level in cost and the premiums are clearly illustrated and available to see. 

As it turns out, premiums will rise every 5 years

While a careful look at the words might make you think twice, it clearly is not forthcoming.  The $1 offer is only good for the first month of coverage.

Why doesn’t Globe Life clearly indicate the premiums increase every five years?  That is pretty simple and straight forward for consumers, right? 

The fact is, their competition offers level premiums and lower monthly payments.  As a result, a lower cost of ownership over the life of the policy.  What will most consumers turn around and do?

No one likes to overpay for their life insurance do they?

Globe Life Review

If purchasing this kind of life insurance coverage, be aware that as you get older your premiums will do nothing but increase regardless of your health. 

While you may be tempted to believe this is a very affordable package, the reality is that Globe term life rates become quite expensive as you become older.  That is when it is needed the most.

Who is a Globe Life and Accident policy best suited for?

If you are a smoker, and do not need lifetime protection, you might consider a Globe term life Insurance policy.  The simplified underwriting in the application process does not penalize a smoker as would many other insurers. 

Is it the best option for someone who smokes?  Nope, but depending on your health, it might be a decent option.

Globe Life might also be worth some consideration if you have a serious health condition.  Globe whole life insurance (permanent coverage) could function for the use of covering final expenses.

Are there better options for most folks regardless?  Yes.

Again, I would recommend simply using the instant quoting tool on this page and find what a quality policy will cost you.  A policy that has a level premium and benefits that never go down. 

Why waste more of your time?  You’re thinking about buying life insurance and protecting your family, right? 

You’re looking at Globe Life insurance reviews trying to decide if they have a good product or not.


Let’s face it, the cost is a big part of the decision as well.

Take the time and price out the competition if you haven’t already. Run an instant quote now. In 1 minute or less you will have a comparison of the top carriers.

You are not getting any younger which certainly affects your rates. The younger you are, the better opportunity you have. This equates to lower risk for the life insurance company so they can offer savings in premiums.

Globe Life Insurance really fits a very small segment of the population. 

Beware of the slick marketing. The products they offer just really don’t get the job done right for the vast majority of consumers. 

We see and hear of many people left very disappointed down the road.  Not good!!

Be aware that there are hundreds of life insurance companies… many of whom offer numerous products designed specifically to meet your needs.  They are marketed typically thru independent agents and brokers who specialize in life insurance and are better able to advise you on what you need to protect your family thoroughly and more affordably.

Why turn to one insurance company with very limited offerings?  What advice do you think the salesperson at the Globe home office is going to give you?  That’s right, buy one our 2 policies!!

Wouldn’t you prefer a policy of greater value and lower cost of ownership as well?

Did you know that it costs you nothing to speak to a professional who can guide you into the best life insurance product or products for your needs.

If You Need Term Insurance, Buy True, Level Term Life Insurance

Typical term life insurance is sold in different periods or “terms” such a 10, 20 or even 30 years.  Most of these applications do require a free in home medical exam.  You can opt for a no medical exam policy which will still keep your cost level, but the cost will be a bit more.  Hey, some folks don’t like needles!!

So, if you buy a 20 year level term policy and pay $25 a month, the death benefit and the premium will never change until the “term” expires. In this example, $25 a month for 20 years.

This is not how this Globe term life plan is designed.  Ultimately the policy gets more and more expensive…every 5 years the price rises!!

The common problem we hear often…”it became unaffordable.” Typically this is when the family needed coverage the most with advancing age and declining health.  So now that small price to pay of a $1 “investment” became a huge disappointment. 

Have a good professional do the shopping for you. Globe life term rates can become very expensive. What do you do at this point? Life insurance is priced based on the age you initially purchase the protection and your overall health.

All you really have here with Globe is a 5 year price guarantee, not a level term life insurance policy which guarantees full coverage for the same premium for the full 10, 20 or 30 year “term” of the policy.

If you feel you only need 5 years of coverage, you might opt for this coverage, but it is simply much more affordable for the long run to purchase 10-30 term policies from the top flight insurance companies.  These policies stay the same price month to month throughout the entire policy term you pick.

Globe Life Rates For Seniors: Their Whole Life Insurance Plan

The vast majority of people looking at Globe senior life insurance are planning for their final expenses and/or creating an estate for their family. End of life expenses require a dependable, permanent life insurance policy. Since term life insurance expires typically 75 or 80, it is not a good solution for today’s seniors who are living well beyond that.  Whole life insurance has been the mainstay for many years and never expires due to age. 

While the Globe Life whole life insurance is clearly the better of the two products reviewed here today, we know there are better offerings on the market to consider.  The cost of the coverage when compared to other carriers takes the air out of it. Globe Life burial insurance rates are simply not competitive.

Seniors looking for permanent protection are better served by a different company all together.  Be sure find out who is offering the best pricing one whole life policies like Globe Life if you need lifelong coverage. Ensure you have the financial protection that gives you peace of mind and the benefits your loved ones can count on, affordably.

Rounding Third Base Of Our Globe Life Company Review

The largest problem with Globe’s 2 different products is the cost of the insurance versus the benefits.  Clearly, their competitors have much stronger performing products at a lower out of pocket of ownership.  That alone is a valuable benefit to you. If you did not obtain your term and/or whole life comparison quotes from the top life insurance companies, be sure you do.

So, what is most important to you? 

Ask yourself what your main intention of purchasing this life insurance policy?

Run a quote yourself in our instant quoting engine if having term life insurance is all you need. Compare the cost of owning level premium term life insurance vs the increasing premium term insurance offer from Globe Life and Accident. We think you will be pretty surprised at how expensive it is to own Globe term insurance. Remember, those policies are going up in price every 5 years whether you are healthy or not.

Find our who has the real best offers out there.

If you need permanent whole life insurance for end of life expenses so your loved ones are not burdened get your free, instant quote right here on this page.

Independent agent and broker services are free to you folks.  

Your out of pocket costs are the same whether you contact an insurer directly or speak with their agent. Globe Life and Accident doesn’t want you to know this!

Is Globe Life Legitimate or Not? – The Real Problem…

I would recommend you with a life insurance professional. 99% percent of life insurance companies do not bombard consumers with mailers. They market to licensed life insurance agents and brokers instead.

This is how you find out who really offers the best policies for the money you can qualify for.

There are plenty of negative reviews of life insurance marketed and sold this way. Not just Globe Life. A trusting consumer buys a policy that is not clearly illustrated often leads to bad experiences of policy owners and/or the family alike. Outside paying a higher price each and every month, they don’t have a professional to interpret the limitations of the advertisement.

Ladies and Gentleman, Globe Life is a well known name.  Primarily because it has been aggressively marketed for many years. They do not excel in terms of pricing, policy benefits or service.

I receive several mailers a year from them myself. It is humorous to read them. They just keep coming, one after the other. 

While the carrier has an excellent financial rating of A+ by A.M Best, it does not mean you are getting the a top product, great service or price. It does mean that the insurance company has lots of money in its coffers though to pay claims.

The Globe Life Company is a legitimate company that will pay their claims provided the terms of the policy have been met by the owner and insured individual. Never sugarcoat anything during application to an insurer, including Globe. Many beneficiary(s) have not received a death benefit because the policy owner/insured did not carry their end of the bargain. Any misrepresentation or nonpayment of premiums on the consumer side can result in a negative outcome. If you are forthcoming with them and approved for coverage, your only responsibility is to pay your premiums. Globe Life Inc. will pay according to the terms written in the policy you chose.

Now, with that said…

2 things. First, Globe Life & Accident has a very high NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) complaint index for a insurance company of its size. For reference, the NAIC report from 2022 indicates greater than 3 times the average when compared to similiar sized insurance companies. This is concerning and leads me to believe that consumers or policy beneficiaries feel they have been misled.

Outside the NAIC, Globe also seems have had many negative reviews with the Better Business Bureau. Poor service and communication are quite common.

The Globe Life Company term insurance offering will definitely get a thumbs down from this office.  We believe this particular type of term insurance, which goes up in price every 5 years, is simply opportunistic. It simply does not suit the majority of term life insurance consumers and suspect a large amount of the complaints surround this product versus the rather pricey, whole life policy they offer.

Most of the time, life insurance buyers are just looking for an insurance company they can trust with affordable premiums and the type of coverage they need. Most often, this is either Term (temporary coverage) or Whole Life (permanent insurance).

Unfortunately, many people are a bit naive about differences among life insurance policies or simply don’t realize the long term cost and/or limitations of these aforementioned products.  The name of the company is really not a key to finding the best policy.

That is also a reason why Globe tells you no agent will call or visit you regarding their life insurance.

Top independent agents in the life insurance business have many companies they work with that offer superior products and rates. Globe simply does not want you to know how easy it is to find better life insurance for a lower price.

A reputable independent agent will steer you away from non competitive products and those that don’t serve you and your family well.

Remember a reputable and seasoned life insurance agent is your ally and advocate. A quality “independent” will always steer you away from a “mail order insurance company” that carefully suppresses the real weakness inside their policies and/or pricing.

Globe Life Company Reviews – There Are Plenty

If you check other reputable sources that have reviews on Globe Life Inc, you will find plenty of controversy over their life insurance products.  Does not matter whether it is the Globe Life senior whole life insurance or the Term Life product, the marketing tactics and lack of transparency surrounding the cost of the life insurance seems to a problem that needs to be addressed.

As a consumer, it is your responsibility to do your due diligence. Ask questions and don’t make assumptions. Life insurance is an important decision for your family.

Do you really want to chase down anymore Globe Life insurance reviews at this point?

We can help you cut to the chase and find affordable, top quality life insurance tailored to your needs. We offer a boutique like experience not found by calling an insurance company or some big, call center somewhere.

Remember, a serious independent agent/broker will be working with dozens of the top life insurance companies and will steer you away from “questionable” products.  The options are laid out for you so you can make an educated decision. This is free, unbiased representation and assistance. 

With Globe, many people are just were unaware of the terms in the policy they purchased and what their real options for life insurance are. 

The effect of bombarding consumers with their solicitations thru the mail. I’m no exception!

Something to remember…

Reviews on Globe Life insurance may be helpful to get you where you are…


Life insurance is not a simple apples to apples.  It is not just “term life insurance” or “whole life insurance.” There are “sub-types” of both of these life insurance products.

While we all want a company that pays its claims well, the wrong policy purchased by a well intending consumer…could be very disappointing down the road for not only you, but the loved ones you are trying to financially provide for. This could leave to financial disaster for many families.

Is Globe Life Insurance Legit or a Scam?

Globe Life does pay its legitimate death claims but seems to leave a good number of disgruntled people in its wake.

More often than not, it is dissatisfaction with the policy rates jumping up or the coverage simply expiring due to the contract provisions.

Is Globe Life legitimate or not?

Yes, they are.


The Globe Life insurance rates products and past complaints leave a lot to be desired.

You can find better coverage and lower premiums with several very reputable life insurance companies.

Maple Valley Insurance Group Rating For BOTH Globe Life Insurance Products = “D”

Is Globe Life Insurance Good? – The “Take Home” of This Review

No, we do not believe their life insurance products are “good.” Too many other companies offering superior policies, pricing and far less complaints against them from consumers. Too many consumers call us about their negative experiences with life insurance. The 3 most common, by far, are products from Colonial Penn, NYL/AARP and Globe Life. Either they went thru a bad experience or another family member who did. This is quite telling. Why are so many people complaining about these carriers?

There is no savings without having an advocate…an independent agent/broker to make sure your needs taken care of.  There are a lot of good ones out there who will provide a very positive experience for you.  If you don’t like who you are working with, find another.

It is always best to seek out a seasoned agent/broker who has access to all the top life insurance companies listens carefully to your goal.

Complete your due diligence before you buy a policy. Ask questions to eliminate future problems or surprises down the road. A policy is good because of what is written in it, claims paying history of the company and the affordability of the premiums.

Without a doubt, top life insurance products are found with independent life insurance agents. Globe has intentionally marketed their 2 life insurance products “directly” to avoid the scrutiny you are finding here today.

Trying to sort thru the ads and postcards is not easy and you will never know what is really out there for you without consulting with a pro who knows the limitations of the different products on the market.

Do you really believe you can get $50,000 or even $100,000 of life insurance for $1 a month?  If it sounds to good to be true then it usually is.  In the end, of course it works out to be a lot more expensive than that, right?

Check into your different life insurance options.  You are going to be shocked to find multiple reviews for Globe Life insurance products clearly indicating there are many better options for you.


Because they simply are not a good choice for most people.

Feel free if you have not already use our instant quoting widget for term and whole life insurance as a baseline of comparison. Just realize it will not “prequalify you” for coverage.  Also be sure you understand the difference between these 2 types of life insurance. One isn’t necessarily “better” than the other. They have completely different purposes and uses. If you need coverage for life, than forget about term life insurance. It is not your answer because it “terminates.”

Take a few minutes and get expert guidance on which insurance company(s) and policy type would be best for your needs. Give us a call for assistance.  It doesn’t cost you a nickel for our help.

Remember, a reputable independent agent works for you, not the Globe Life and Accident Company.  He or she wants to earn you as a client and make sure your loved ones are protected from financial loss first and foremost.

Look for someone with access to a couple dozen life insurers or more and you have a good start on putting those Globe Life ads in the circular filer.

Yes, I receive those solicitations too!! Got one of them on my desk that reminded me to update this post in fact.

Hope that this Globe Life insurance review has answered your questions about the coverage.

We are always here to help you better understand life insurance.  Feel free to comment,  or contact us at 269-244-3420

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